I create pieces that acknowledge and respond to the physical presence of the person viewing them. This comes from an uncertainty about my own place in the world; the urge to have a unique identity with clearly marked personal space conflicts with a longing for real intimacy and a feeling of being part of a community. In some pieces, there are details that will not read from across the room: you must get close to see them, much closer than you would to the face of a stranger. Colors may cozy up together or push violently. Spaces between shapes create varying degrees of tension. I take inspiration from everyday objects, anthropological images, microscopic life, and the surface of our planet, utilizing patterning and repetition that makes creation a meditative and obsessive act.

J. Rebecca Trueblood

Ghosts Redux: MOVIMIENTO Gallery opening
450 Harrison Ave, # 61 Boston, Ma 0211
Friday, March 1, 2013
6:00pmĀ untilĀ 9:00pm

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