These works are a branch-off from my “Garden” series. The object was not to paint a recognizable garden, but to create a sense of the cycle of growth, flowering and dissemination of seeds. In spending time learning about the Fibonacci sequence of numbers, I was amazed to find how many plants conform to its proportions: pineapples, pine cones, leaves, daisies and more show themselves to precisely follow the dimensions laid out by this string of numbers. In the wildest jungle or the most overgrown garden you will find this order in the seeming chaos.
There is even Fibonacci in the hands that made these works.

There is no math in my paintings; or if there is, it is purely accidental. They are simply an expression of wonder and tribute to a man who discovered numbers correlating with the mysterious urges of nature. He wrote a book titled “Libri Abaci”- A Book of Numbers. I call these works “Libri Topia”- A Book of Gardens, one painting in 52 parts.